Does the ‘peace’ of the winter season have you sitting around with a little too much free time on your hands? Are you the artistic sort? Do you simply need something fun to do with the kids that will stimulate your mind as well? While stacking up your wood burner for the coming winter season, add a little ‘flair’ to your yard, amuse yourselves and the neighbors by having a little fun with your firewood…

Make Like a Tree

And leave the boring log piles to the neighbors. Create a fun design with those fireplace logs this year, much like you did your fall pumpkins, taking a picture with your family to commemorate the fun.


Stairway to Heavenly Warmth

Create twists, turns, and depth with an interesting spiral, and have fun over dinner arguing about which end will get tossed into the flames first.

Take the Show on the Road

Browsing the yard and garage for interesting items to add to your design.

Indulge the Child in You

Looking to a favorite story for inspiration.


Get the Little Ones More Involved

With a more easily constructed, mural-style log wall and paint on a fun theme with kid-friendly, non-flammable acrylic or tempura paints.

Create Your Own Kingdom

And stock up on winter logs before the season gets going. (Has anyone seen a smurf?)

  WHOO’s Cold?

You will be if you don’t start packing some fuel away for your fireplace or wood stove this winter season.
This detailed log stacking project must have taken some time to put together, but produced an amazing result, including clearly-defined facial features, and a moon that nearly glows!

Don’t Wish You Sorted Out Your Winter Heating Needs Sooner

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