Far from a blast from the past, wood burners have continued to gain popularity year-after year among eco-conscious homeowners looking to save a little green on energy bills. Adding to the ambiance in any home, today’s wood stoves, fireplaces and inserts don’t just make pretty centerpieces – they can slash heating bills by up to 85 percent.

Hot Benefits

Wood Burning FireplaceWith ever rising energy costs Americans are increasingly looking to supplementary heat sources that are affordable, renewable, and sustainable, and that promotes the country’s energy independence. Wood, one of the most environmentally friendly – and affordable – fuel sources available, ticks off a lot of boxes. It is one of the most energy efficient options for anyone looking for a secondary heat source, as well as effective as a primary heat source along side pellet or biomass boilers and heat pumps.

Cleaner & Greener

An American tradition, the love for heating with wood continues, however technological advancements have changed the game. Manufacturers continue to explore ways to reduce the environmental impact of hearth products while increasing efficiency. Designed for use in both urban and rural areas, today’s residential wood burning brethren are nothing like their predecessors – even those installed as late as the 1970s and 80s. They now include emissions advancements that take air quality to heart, reducing particulate emissions 90% compared to open fires and 80-84% compared to older stove ancestors, greatly improving both indoor and outdoor air quality and earning them U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification.

Selecting the Right Wood Burning Model for Your Home

Geographic location and climate, home construction features (size, ceiling height, insulation), and heating area should all play a role in model selection. In addition, fireplace and stove requirements vary by local authority, so it’s advisable to talk to your area Fireplace Warehouse ETC specialist before selection and installation to ensure compliance with the latest regulations and ensure happiness with your purchase.

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