infrared grill

Infrared grilling remains a mystery to many backyard barbecuers, but it’s hardly new technology. First introduced the 1970s, infrared tech is becoming increasingly affordable, and gracing high-end grills lines nationwide, making outdoor cooking a lot easier – and tastier – for backyard chefs.


How’s it Work?

Food has a moisture boundary, comprised of a layer of air and water molecules. With the convection cooking operation of traditional gas grills, this layer is disturbed by hot air, drying food in the cooking process. Grilling with the intense radiating heat of infrared tech, however, preserves the moisture boundary, helping foods retain up to 35% more natural juices. And that’s not where the advantages end…


Hot Tech – Cool Benefits

In addition to juicier food, cooking with infrared also offers:

  • Faster preheating & flexible cooking
    The best infrared gas grills reach unbelievably high temperatures in seconds to just a few minutes, but can also dial-down easily, allowing you to handle more delicate foods.
  • More even heating
    Infrared offers more even heat distribution across the grill, without the hot and cold zones common with traditional models.
  • Less flare-ups
    Drastically reduced flare-ups ensure a less-exciting, char-free grilling experience.
  • Steakhouse-quality searing
    Impressively high sear temperatures produce restaurant quality searing and the precise temperature control you need for delicious results.
  • Efficient cooking
    With infrared, less gas is necessary to reach temperature, saving money on fuel compared to traditional gas grills. (Also a great way to cook on hot days to keep those summer cooling bills low!)
  • Easier cleaning
    Super-easy to clean, simply crank up intense infrared heat when you’ve finished cooking, turning food and residue to ash for quick and simple cleanup.


The Top Infrared Tech

Many brands use infrared tech, albeit via different cooking systems, effecting results.

  • Ceramic Infrared Burner Systems
    Fire Magic ceramic infrared burner systems include a stainless steel burner with a ceramic surface, which produces many tiny flames, and quick, even heating of the above cooking grid. Direct flame access creates small, quick flare-ups and flame-kissed charring results.
  • Trident-Shaped Infrared
    The unique, trident-shaped design of Lynx grills infrared system burners create a greater searing area than other infrared systems.
  • Sizzle Zone Tech
    Affordably priced, Napoleon’s Sizzle Zone tech covers only a portion of the grill, for a hybrid grilling experience. A ceramic plate filled with many small holes and grooves creates intense heat in seconds, forcing gas through and igniting with a spark to produce quick, delicious results without the need to fire up the rest of the burners.


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