built in gas grill

Shopping for a built-in gas grill sometimes can leave you a little hot under the collar. With the array of brands, sizes, features, and price points on the market today, it can be difficult to find that proverbial diamond in the rough. To ensure an outdoor kitchen that’s sure to stand the test of time – and Denver’s crazy outdoor weather – you’ll need a clear direction.

built in gas grill

Breaking-Down Your Built-In Purchase

  1. Choose a trusted brand.
    Familiarize yourself with brands and reputations, opting for built-ins from high-quality, name brands like Lynx, Fire Magic, and Napoleon. The best brands will have a reputation for quality and durability, backing it up with a warranty of at least 10 years. Steer clear of bargain box brands, lest you end up renovating your outdoor kitchen (and making structure changes), too soon after purchasing.
  2. Select a size that meets your grilling needs.
    This includes not only a size that meets your cooking needs, but one that meets your outdoor kitchen structure, allowing room for ventilation and essential counter space for food prep. So how much space do you need? About 100 square inches (10” x 10”) per person is a good rule of thumb, keeping in mind manufacturer calculations typically include warming racks and side burners.
  3. Get to know materials.
    Heavy-duty stainless steel housing offers the ultimate in looks and durability, guarding against wear-and-tear and ensuring longevity. Stainless steel and enameled cast iron grates offer longevity within, as well as superior searing, and even temperatures.
  4. Don’t overlook flexibility.
    Grills with a wider temperature range and multiple burners offer greater cooking flexibility, allowing you to expertly handle everything from delicate fish and veggies to steak with ease. Some built-in options with multi-zone cooking even allow you to cook these items simultaneously.


In a Rush?

Simplify the design process, taking all the guesswork out of materials, construction and fit. Build the fastest outdoor kitchen in the west with complete, ready-to-assemble modular outdoor kitchen islands from Fire Magic, Lynx, and Napoleon. Pre-built and expertly fitted for easy assembly, these convenient kitchen islands take the guesswork out of kitchen design, ensuring a perfect fit and weather-ready construction with a few simple measurements and features choices. Packed with all the bells and whistles you’d expect in a luxury outdoor kitchen – without the hassles of construction.


Ready to heat things up this summer with a built-in gas grill? Shop Fireplace Warehouse ETC in-store or online, and we’ll get you set up, helping you find your dream outdoor grill, and installing it to boot. Contact us today to learn more.