Customer Instructions :

The manufacturers usually require the damaged part(s) be returned (or images submitted) for credit under a warranty claim, so that they can inspect the parts, approve the claim, and make corrections to their manufacturing processes.

Please fill in the webform on this page as completely as possible. Customers have the option to return a part (if covered under the warranty) and we will send out a replacement after the claim is processed.

— OR —

The customer can BUY a new part immediately. Then we will issue a credit to the customer after we receive the part and get credit from the manufacturer.

* Including an image of the damage with your initial submission may reduce processing time as well.

Parts/Repair Email Form

Please read the instructions on this page then fill in this form as completely as possible for parts or repair requests.

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If you're looking for older "non-warranty" parts to purchase, or you think your parts still may be covered under warranty please use this same form.

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Other Notes:

  • Completing this form DOES NOT guarantee the parts will be covered.
  • Please refer to the vendor manual for detailed warranty coverage on your appliance.
  • Warranty claims ONLY covers the COST OF PARTS.
  • In most cases service technician will bill the customer directly for labor.
  • Some claims need to be submitted AFTER a service call by a qualified service technician.
  • Parts for discontinued brands may have delays or may NOT be available through us.