Can I install a fireplace without opening up a wall?
Yes. Cabinet mantels, which come in various finishes and sizes, allow for the easy, fast, and economical installation of a gas fireplace against the wall of your home.  You can also elect to purchase an electric fireplace which can be wall hanging, or freestanding. 

How much wall clearance is required for a freestanding gas or wood stove?
Depending on the model you select, you can install your stove as close to 2 inches from a rear/side wall.

Can I add an insert to my existing fireplace?
Yes. Gas or wood fireplace inserts can be added to an existing masonry fireplace or zero clearance fireplace.

Will my gas fireplace work if the power goes out?
All FPWHS(Fireplace Warehouse) fireplaces, inserts, and stoves will continue to operate in the event of a power failure which the exception of pellet stoves and inserts.

When do I need a gas fireplace insert?
A gas fireplace insert is the ideal solution for converting a wood burning fireplace to gas. Gas fireplace inserts are also an excellent choice for supplemental heating, providing the ambiance of a glowing fire, and offering convenient, mess-free heat at the flick of a switch or press of a thermostat button.

Can I put a gas fireplace in my bedroom?
Yes. Please contact a FPWHS customer service specialist to ensure a correctly sized, and rated fireplace for your bedroom.

Can I customize the fireplace with accessories when purchasing?
Yes. Most manufacturers offer many options to create the perfect look for your home.  You can change the way your product looks by choosing faceplates, interior panels, doors, glass, log or rock media options, and other embellishments to meet your decorating needs.

Is it safe to cook on my wood or gas stove?
It is safe to cook on the top surface of your stove, which remains hot enough to boil water or simmer soups and stews. Cooking on open flames, however, should be avoided. This could damage the interior of your fireplace and void the warranty.

What about D-I-Y installation?
It is recommended to have all FPWHS fireplaces, stoves, and fireplace inserts professionally installed to ensure all manufacturer warranties, safety requirements, building codes, and regulations are met.

Must my gas fireplace be vented through the roof?
No. For flexibility of installation, an outside wall is sufficient, though the distance will depend upon your chosen model. Paintable termination caps are also available to camouflage exterior venting.

Can I burn other materials in my gas fireplace, such as wood?
No. It is unsafe to burn anything other than the fuels your unit has been designed to operate on.

My insert is smaller than my fireplace opening. Will it still work?
There is often a gap between the insert and inside of the fireplace. You will need to select a faceplate to cover the gap. This also houses your on/off switch and fan settings so controls are easier to reach.

Can I mount my TV above my gas fireplace?
Due to the sensitivity of today’s advanced electronics, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer/distributor of your television prior to mounting it over your fireplace. Clearances vary widely based on model/manufacturer and may be easily damaged by even slightly raised temperatures.

Must a direct vent be located on an outside wall?
No. FPWHS gas fireplaces are compatible with several venting configurations for flexibility of placement and ease of installation. A FPWHS customer service professional can help you determine the best location/venting options for your home.

How do I operate a gas model fireplace, stove, or insert?
Each model comes with a standard on/off switch. You may also choose to install remote control operation, or hook your FPWHS gas fireplace up to a wall thermostat.

Can I remove the glass on my gas fireplace?
Never operate your fireplace without the glass door securely installed. If your unit is off, and the unit has cooled, then the glass may be removed (for cleaning).

Can I convert my gas unit to a wood burning fireplace?
No. Gas fireplaces are only safety tested and certified for use burning natural gas or propane.

How safe are gas fireplaces?
Each and every gas fireplace sold by Fireplace Warehouse ETC (FPWHS) conforms to American National Standards Institute and Canadian Standards Association standards and regulations, meets strict safety and certification requirements, and is put through a rigorous quality and safety inspection in-house prior to shipment. In addition, all gas fireplaces are equipped with a fail-safe shutoff valve, cut-off gas flow automatically in the event the pilot flame is extinguished, and possess a safety standing pilot to prevent gas flow when not in use.

What is a direct vent fireplace?
Direct vent fireplaces utilize outside air (rather than room air) supplied by vents ducted out the side wall or ceiling of your home. They feature a completely sealed combustion chamber and co-axial venting system: An exhaust pipe within the air intake pipe. This prevents outside air for being preheated before it is combusted and protects surrounding materials from the high temperature of flue gases.

Is the heat output on my gas unit adjustable?
Yes. FPWHS gas fireplaces can be enjoyed year-round. Simply turn down the valve to prevent your room from overheating – heat output can be reduced by up to 50%.