Lynx Grills

A rebirth of the commercial restaurant industry’s BECA line, American-born Lynx Grills emerged in the mid-90s to meet the skyrocketing trend toward luxury outdoor kitchens. Now a recognized leader in the market, it continues to elevate outdoor living spaces to new levels, engineering its top-of-the-line patio grills to withstand even the most extreme outdoor conditions.
Expertly Crafted
Each eye-catching masterpiece in the Lynx line is a testament to form and function, bearing the company’s trademark stainless steel look and delivering on the company’s “world’s greatest grill” mantra. Built for durability and performance, the Lynx gas grill line comes in built-in and freestanding models, ranging in size from 27 to 54 inches, alongside copious available accoutrements. Customize your model with side burner(s), griddle, utility doors and drawers, a convenient towel dispenser, trash center, or warming drawer, even adding a little fun and function with a cocktail station, refrigerator, ice machine, or sliding tank tray.  The stainless steel body offers a lifetime warranty, with a 12 year warranty backing burners.


The World’s Only Smart Grill

Since its inception, Lynx design, innovation and engineering excellence has put it at the forefront of the industry, resulting in the world’s first and only line of smart propane grills. Comprised of high-gauge stainless steel, including thick stainless steel chipping and corrosion-free grates, the infrared burners of this exceptional grill deliver superior control, featuring a built-in thermostat, external electronic dial, voice recognition, and most notably, smart-device-driven operation, allowing total grill control at the touch of your fingertips from any location:

  • Turn your Lynx on or off, monitoring and adjusting temperatures remotely.
  • Track food placement and cooking times.
  • Enable/disable voice recognition.
  • Take advantage of “My Chef,” creating and storing your own recipes and preferred cooking times.
  • Connect with the Lynx community and access recipes worldwide.


Looking for an Amazing Grill with Slightly Less Tech?
Other products in the fully-customizable Lynx line include…  

  • Lynx Professional Series
    The same luxury features as the Lynx Smart Grill, but without smart device and voice-driven operation: Backlit controls offer after-hours ease-of-use. Innovative spring system makes lifting the hood a snap. Rear hood design protects surface temperatures, deflecting wind, with insulated panels to keep the grill safe to touch, even at highest temperatures. Cast brass burners offer flawless heat distribution, pumping out 25,000 BTUs, and fully variable temperature control takes you from 300 to 1,000 degrees in seconds. Briquettes infuse flavor using drippings. The Professional Series also includes a smoker box and dual-position rotisserie with rear infrared burner.
  • Sedona by Lynx
    The same luxury and performance Lynx is known for, at an affordable price. Lasting, easy-to-clean, stainless steel burners, slightly less BTUs (23,000), and a single-position rotisserie top-off this solidly performing luxury grill.
  • Sedona Islands
    Built-in grills for seamless integration into your custom outdoor living space design.
  • Asado Gas Griddles
    A large, flat top range perfect for foods too small for grates, featuring a multi-layered aluminum grilling surface sandwiched between two sheets of stainless steel for even heat distribution.


Create a more luxurious outdoor living space with the quality materials, fine craftsmanship and innovation of Lynx Grills. Customize the grill of your dreams with the help of Fireplace Warehouse ETC today.