Gas Grills

Top off your stunning outdoor kitchen with a gas grill that adds sparkle and flare, banishing boring box store fare for the latest and greatest grill tech from industry leaders like Napoleon, Lynx, and Fire Magic. A lasting investment, once you’ve experienced these stunningly superior setups, you’ll never look back.

Superior Performance Comes from Quality Grills
Built to withstand the most extreme outdoor environments – and your most creative cooking concoctions – gas and propane grills from Napoleon, Lynx, and Fire Magic offer heavy-duty construction, backed by longstanding product warranties. Delivering superior performance with the latest in grill technology, you’ll never have to fight for ignition or scrape char off your precious cheeseburgers again. Thicker, corrosion free cooking grates and grill components provide uniform heat and stunning sear marks, especially when paired with infrared heating technology. Fast, reliable preheating delivers sizzling results in seconds, from a few hundred degrees to 1,800 degrees, without flare-ups. Amazing temperature flexibility and unique grill designs allow for the cooking of everything from sirloins to soufflés, with some models offering simultaneous, multi-temperature zone cooking!

All the Trimmings
Available in a variety of sizes and configurations for adding functionality to any size space from condos to courtyards, these winning grill lines offer eye-catching looks and accessories far beyond the expected side burner, today’s best grills offer the opportunity for everything from backlit controls and interior lighting for evening use, to convenient doors and drawers, sinks and faucets, trash container and paper towel holders, to the added usefulness of side burners, charcoal trays and smoking baskets, griddles, cutting boards, and even attention-grabbing refrigerators, kegerators, blenders, drink chillers, and refreshment centers.

What Product Line will Transform Your Outdoor Living Space into a Chef’s Delight?

  • Napoleon Grills
    A leader in new and innovative patented technology, Napoleon is North America’s largest privately owned manufacturer of gourmet gas and charcoal grills, beautiful wood and gas fireplaces, and other heating and cooling products.
  • Lynx Grills
    Originating as the commercial restaurant industry’s BECA line, these American-made grills morphed into the Lynx line in the 90s, and is the proud creator of the world’s only smart device driven and voice operable grill, alongside more traditional luxury grill fare.
  • Fire Magic Grills
    Fire Magic has been providing customizable grills for discerning outdoor cooks across America for over 75 years, including the Echelon series’ unique zoned heating, with separate burners allowing for the simultaneous cooking of multiple items at widely varying temperatures.


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