Choosing Between the Best Grills on the Market

Breaking out in a sweat because you just can’t decide which of the best grills on the market are the right fit for your backyard? Kick-back in your Adirondack and take a load off, uncovering what the latest grill technology really means for your outdoor cooking experience. And rest assured, with the amazing options available from industry-leading grill designers like Lynx, Fire Magic, and Napoleon, you’re sure to find suitably sizzling solution…


Select your Fuel Type
Propane and gas grills offer more consistent results, and are easier to operate and clean, creating less particulate matter. However charcoal and wood cooking can impart added flavor, making gas models with added charcoal or smoker trays a terrific compromise. Popularity-wise, however, gas takes-the-cake, with eight million gas grills sold in the U.S. in 2013, compared to five million charcoal and 302,000 electric grills.


Calculate Size & Fit

Opting for a grill with sufficient cooking space to feed your usual family function is key. As a rule-of-thumb, aim for 100 square inches (10” x 10”) per person. Keep in mind when making calculations, manufacturers specs typically include the warming rack/side burners in space calculations. Also, don’t neglect grill placement, including the need for sufficient clearance, measuring in advance to confirm a proper fit.

Ensure Durability
Grate options should be thick and durable, comprised of heavy-duty stainless steel or enameled cast iron for superior searing, temperature maintenance, and longevity. The housing or body should be equally tough, such as lined, commercial-grade stainless steel.


Reach Temperature
To seal in juices on some meats, high temperatures of at least 600 degrees are key to preserving juices. Infrared heating technology is a boon here, reaching temperature fast, providing steakhouse-quality searing, and drastically reducing flare-ups.

Be Wary of BTUs
Heat output, measured in BTUs on gas grills, is related to the size of the burner, and is not cut-and-dry. For instance, a large grill with a high BTU rating may offer similar temperatures as a much smaller model with lower BTUs. Sustaining cooking temperatures, via insulating, convection, and heating technology is equally as important as how hot a grill can get.


Think: Flexibility
Grills with a wide temperature range allow you the flexibility to cook everything from delicate fish and vegetables to steak, simultaneously, and with perfection. This diversification is accomplished with additional burners, and is referred to as multi-zone cooking.


Consider Convenience
There are a dizzying amount of available add-ons for grills that add function and flare: Side burners and shelves, backlit controls and under-hood lighting, wheels, trash cans, sinks, and paper towel holders, warming stations, rotisseries, and charcoal/smoker trays – even those with built-in coolers, refrigerators, drink stations and blenders!
Purchase a grill with the knowledge your investment will be protected with a good warranty – at least 10 years for burners and body.

Deciding between the best grills available leaving your brain feeling a little overcooked? Take a load-off with the help of a Fireplace Warehouse ETC customer service specialist, or better yet, touch-and-feel your way through the process at your local store today.