Electric Fireplace Inserts – Great Pricing!

Electric fireplace inserts offer an ideal heating solution. Mimicking the look of traditional fireplaces, these efficient electric heaters from brands like Amantii and Napoleon offer advantages their conventional counterparts do not.

Today’s electric fireplace inserts give you…

  • Rapid installation
    Electric fireplace inserts install quickly and easily, fitting into your existing hearth. Setup is simple, with most systems utilizing standard 120-volt outlet power.  
  • Convenience
    The plug-and-run heating of electric fireplaces inserts quickly and easily improves the looks and heating efficiency of your existing masonry. An ideal solution for renovations and retrofits, most units feature a thermostat and remote control for comfort and ease-of-operation at the click of a button.
  • Options
    Choose a forced fan system for smaller areas up to 400 square feet, warming air with the heated coils and a quiet fan, or take advantage of infrared quartz technology to directly warm people in rooms up to 1,000 square feet.
  • Flexibility
    Want to enjoy the ambiance of your fireplace on a warm summer’s night? Simply turn on the flames without the heat for a comfortably cool and cozy night.
  • Savings
    Costs of revamping your existing wood or gas fireplace straining your budget? Electric fireplace inserts offer an inexpensive solution, installing at a fraction of the cost. In addition, because they use less energy than your home’s main heating system, they offer additional cost savings as part of a supplemental heating strategy, allowing you to dial-down main heating system settings to warm common spaces with greater efficiency.
  • Maintenance
    Nearly maintenance-free, electric fireplaces inserts require no wood chopping, hauling, or storage, no ash removal, nor the cleaning of wood or gas residue and particulates that can accumulate on glass.
  • Ambiance
    Curl up to the coziness and warmth of fireplace flames regardless of the season, choosing from traditional log lookalikes featuring LED light technology and high-definition, realistic looking flames, or create a more modern feel with your choice of uniquely colored flames of blue, purple, rose, or yellow. No matter your décor, there is an electric fireplace insert to suit every style.
  • Safety
    The perfect option for those with children and pets, with electric fireplaces inserts, everything except the area housing the heating element remains cool to the touch. Carbon monoxide concerns are nonexistent, and likewise, asthma and allergies sufferers have nothing to fear as no ash, smoke, gas or odors result from operation. Take note, however, those seeking backup heat in the event of power outages should look to another heat source – unless you have a generator.

Tired of traversing fireplaces obstacles? Warm up to an easier way of heating your home with electric fireplaces inserts from Fireplace Warehouse ETC. Contact us to discover your ideal home comfort solution today.