Fireplace Inserts for Your Home

Fireplace Inserts: The Simple Way to Upgrade Your Existing Fireplace

Fireplaces are among the top features homeowners crave. Though older masonry fireplaces still seen in many homes offer comfort and ambiance, they can also be a source of heat loss, allowing up to 80% of furnace-heated air to escape through the chimney when they are not in use. With a fireplace inert, however, you can transform this disadvantage into an opportunity.

Why a Fireplace Insert?

For dwellings with an existing fireplace or chimney in good working condition, a professionally installed fireplace insert can transform your fireplace, eliminating drafts and keeping heat in the room and away from masonry to provide a highly efficient source of heat. Better still, your older wood burning fireplace can even be retrofitted to an electric, gas fireplace, or pellet insert, better suited to your heating needs.

How is an Insert Installed?

As its name suggests, a fireplace insert can be “inserted” into an existing fireplace space. Taking the place of your existing fireplace, the fireplace insert fills the gap, offering a timely, economical solution to fireplace renovation or replacement. Fireplace inserts come in an array of styles, from rustic to contemporary, and include:

  • Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts
    Looking for the authentic ambiance, aroma, and sounds of a traditional wood-burning fireplace without the mess and loss of efficiency experienced with older models? Our wood burning fireplace inserts from industry leaders such as Napoleon are perfect for those who love to take part in the process of creating and tending a fire, with the added bonus of improved efficiency and a far cleaner burn compared to their older, draftier predecessors.
  • Pellet Inserts
    Efficient and cost effective, pellet inserts offer an environmentally friendly, renewable heat source for your home. Operating similar to wood burning models, pellet inserts are fueled by compressed pellets composed of sawdust or agricultural crop waste products. More efficient than cord wood, pellets are dispensed automatically into the fire per your desired level of heat. Pellets burn cleaner than wood, producing both less dust and creosote. Pellet inserts do rely on electricity to operate, however battery backups are available.
  • Gas Fireplace Inserts
    On-the-go? Gas fireplace inserts offer instant gratification, turning on and off with the flick of a remote control or thermostat switch. Gas fireplace inserts from high-line manufacturers such as Regency and Town & Country produce very little in carbon waste and require minimal maintenance, preventing the need for setup and cool down time, and their operation is not dependent upon electricity.
  • Electric Fireplace Inserts
    For fireplaces and chimneys that have seen better days, an electric fireplace insert can provide heat and blocks drafts, providing a similar ambiance to gas models via digital or mechanically-produced flames. Enjoy the ambiance of fire with or without heat – and always without the cleanup of combustion models.

Need help deciding on the best fireplace insert for your home? The friendly experts at Fireplace Warehouse can help. Contact us and discover the difference the right fit can make today.