Electric Fireplaces – Huge Selection

Warm up to Electric Fireplaces

Popular nationwide due to their simplicity, electric fireplaces are easy and inexpensive to install, without the need for professional installation or access to a chimney or venting. Highly efficient, electric fireplaces dissipate heat directly into the room, without heat loss going up the chimney. Convenient remote control operation and thermostat settings on many models allowing users to dial-in their comfort level, accessing as much or as little heat as they want as a touch of a button. Digital “flames” offer ambiance, with the capacity to turn off heat, yet still enjoy that cozy fire feel year-round.

Is an electric fireplace for you?

  • Low cost.
    Minimal investment is necessary to add an electric fireplace to your home. Install directly under an existing mantel, or recess into any wall, plug-in and enjoy.
  • Flexible installation.
    Unlike a traditional wood or gas fireplace, some electric models are wall mounted, making them an ideal interim solution for those who have yet to purchase a home of their own, but want a fireplace in their rented home.
  • Convenient operation.Electric fireplaces offer fast and simple remote control operation, most with built-in thermostats that allow you to dial-in your comfort level. (It is worth noting, however, that for obvious reasons, electric fireplaces will not function in the event of a power outage.)
  • Minimal maintenance.
    Easy to manage, electric fireplaces require very little maintenance. No adding logs, no lighting fires or checking pilot lights, no cleaning of ashes or soot residue. But for the occasional dusting, maintenance is typically safety related:

    • Keep flammable objects sufficient distance away from your fireplace heating element.
    • Don’t overload the outlet (or circuit) that powers it.
    • Keep the cord free of electrical hazards, such as water or tripping.
    • Never leave your electric fireplace operating when no one is home.
  • Increased heating capacity.Electric fireplace provide more substantial heat than the standard electric space heater, which can leave you shivering when temperatures drop. Standard models offer a 1,400W or 1,500W heater, which can heat up to 400-500 square feet.
  • Enhanced ambiance.
    Electric fireplaces offer far more to your home’s ambiance than utilitarian and box-like portable space heaters. Digitalized flames are more realistic than ever before, offering enjoyment regardless of the season. In addition, the lack of combustion materials offers an easier means of heating any room where a wood or gas fireplace installation may not be feasible.
  • Improved safety.
    Properly placed electric fireplaces greatly lessen the risk of fire commonly associated with portable space heaters, which are frequently left too close to flammable materials or knocked over. In addition, electric fireplaces carry no carbon monoxide risks as compared to combustion models.

Ready to cozy up to the convenience and warmth of an electric fireplace? Fireplace Warehouse ETC offers an extensive inventory of electric models, perfect for complementing any design scheme or space limitations, from traditionally lifelike logs to panoramic, orange, to indigo-flamed modern designs. Light up your space and heat it with an electric fireplace today!