Choose a Fireplace in Denver

Cozy Up to the Warmth of a Fireplace

The perfect way to take the chill off any living area! A fireplace can serve many functions, adding to your home or business’ décor, creating a homey ambiance, and offering heat for any size space from a single room to an entire dwelling. Gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and wood burning fireplaces are all wonderful options. However, to find the best fireplace for your home it is essential to consider each unit’s design.

Light-Up Your Home with a Match Made in Heaven

All three heating options – gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and wood burning fireplaces – can meet your décor and heating needs, however they each do so in their own unique ways…

  • Wood Burning Fireplace
    Our wood burning fireplaces, by industry leaders such as Napoleon, offer an authentic fireplace ambiance, complete with crackling wood and the comforting wood smoke aroma. Wood burning fireplaces are an excellent choice for those living on acreage, with treed lots, or those in areas where natural gas and/or electricity is cost-prohibitive or difficult to access. Wood burning fireplaces require a chimney, dry seasoned wood, and a dry place for wood storage. They also necessitate a bit more hands-on participation, including sourcing wood, the lighting of fires, removal of ash, and routine cleaning of creosote buildup. For the most efficient and clean fireplace models, look for EPA certification.
  • Gas Fireplace
    Gas fireplaces, such as our top-of-the-line Regency and Town & Country models, are the perfect solution for today’s busy lifestyles, offering instant gratification. With a gas fireplace, there is no need to invest time in setup or cool down. Simply turn on and off via a thermostat or remote control for quick warmth. Gas models also require minimal maintenance, produce the least soot/particulate matter, and excel in efficiency. Unlike wood burning fireplaces, gas models have a slightly different ambiance, with no aroma or crackling sound, however they heat quite efficiently. A great backup heat source, a gas fireplace will still work even when the power goes out. Choose from two models: ventless, which do not require a chimney, and vented, which do. Already have a traditional fireplace but would prefer a gas model? Check out our gas fireplace inserts.
  • Electric Fireplace
    Electric fireplaces offer an inexpensive alternative to wood burning and gas models. They require no chimney or venting and can be located in virtually any room. A great choice for all spaces that wouldn’t otherwise support a fireplace, electric fireplaces offer efficient heating. However, will not function in a blackout. No real flame means you can enjoy the digitized ambiance of a fire with or without the heat, though purists may prefer a true flame. Electric models may also cost more to operate than gas, depending on fuel availability in your area. So, it is advisable to check with your local utility provider to determine your most cost effective option.

Overwhelmed by our amazing selection of wood burning, electric, and gas fireplaces? We can help. Contact a friendly Fireplace Warehouse customer service professional for help finding your perfectly matched home comfort solution today.