Linear wood fireplace offer all the sights, sounds, and aromas you enjoy in a wood burning fireplace, housed in a sleek, modern linear package. A marriage of technology and elegance, today’s linear models offer contemporary wood burning at it’s finest to provide an unmatched hearthside experience.


Wall to Wall Fire

Providing an enormous viewing space, linear wood burning models offer an ambiance unlike any other. Extraordinarily popular among wood burning enthusiasts, the large, wide dimensions of linear fireplaces allow for the placement bigger logs. Exceedingly fun to load and watch, it’s easy to get carried away, producing a bigger burn than necessary and overheating the room in which your fireplace is located. However all it takes to produce magnificent flames are 3 to 4 small logs approximately 3 inches in diameter for a small fire, and 4 to 5 logs around 5 inches in diameter for larger burns.


Broaden Your Horizons with a Linear Wood Burning Fireplace

  • Large & In-Charge: Napoleon High Country NZ700

    The massive firebox of the Napoleon High Country can hold up to 50 pounds of wood within its clean, European-inspired design. EPA-qualified construction offers amazing aerodynamics perfect for fast startups, while preventing smoke from entering your living space. Zero Gravity glass and screen doors operate independently and allow for easy cleaning, and powerful air wash system keeps glass squeaky clean. 
  • Smart & Fast: Town & Country TCW120

    The EPA-qualified Town & Country TCW120 is quick lighting, long burning, and customizable. Dress the sleek 48 inch lines of this fireplace in an optional Italian Piazzetta surround and truly indulge in the sights while basking in its high-efficiency warmth. Boost air system ensures easy lighting every time, and clean glass AirWash Tech keeps the stellar view unencumbered.


Love the roaring sound of aroma of a real fire, but yearn for a more modern fireplace form? Creating a beautiful pairing of the traditional and modern, linear wood fireplaces are an ideal solution. Interested in adding a linear wood-burning model to your home? Contact our installation professionals to discuss placement and sizing, or visit Fireplace Warehouse ETC in-store or online today.




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