Bring warmth and coziness to your backyard with an outdoor gas firepit, enhancing any gathering with beautifully dancing flames. An outdoor living trend gaining momentum nationwide, gas firepits can quickly and easily transform any patio design, creating unmatched ambiance, and extending the outdoor living season through those chilly fall and spring nights.

Create a Welcome Setting that Blends Beautifully with Your Home

Accomplish a backyard makeover you and your family are sure to love, entertaining and relaxing outside comfortably with a perfectly placed patio firepit addition. Powered by natural gas or propane, the latest in firepit technology can be easily incorporated into any design with just a little forethought into placement and seating.

Enhancing Your Patio with Proper Pit Placement

How do you prefer to use your outdoor living space?

  • After-Dinner Delight
    If you enjoy using your patio for dining, place your firepit nearby – but not inside – the outdoor dining area so that it does not compete with the functionality of your outdoor dining space. This will allow for a separate destination for gathering after dinner.
  • Comfy, Cozy Retreat
    Small, contemporary firepit options surrounded by a few comfortable chairs create an intimate fireside retreat that’s easy to erect in any location.
  • Functional Focal Point
    Table-encased firepit options offer eye-level flames that make for an attractive focal point from patio furniture. Bonus: When not in use, it can do double-duty as a table.   
  • Room with a View
    A patio firepit can allow for the creation of unbelievable views from the indoors, particularly when firepit design incorporates materials from the patio to tie the spaces together architecturally.
  • Secret Garden
    Create serene getaway, from the rustic to the romantic, amidst your favorite garden feature.
  • Whimsical & Fun
    Sink your firepit and surround it with beach sand or gravel for added fun and flair – or to combat drainage issues.

Detrimental Design Details

For most firepits, 6 feet of space on each side allows for ease-of-access, whether portable/freestanding or built-in. Consider seating as well, allowing plenty of space for chair shuffling and space to move behind seating. Before selecting your final firepit site, be certain to check prevailing winds and consider the location (and comfort) of downwind seating. If your patio is in a crosswind, you may want to incorporate a windbreak. As always, don’t neglect to check your local ordinances for rules concerning firepits prior to installation.

With So Many Style and Design Options, You Can Create the Patio of Your Dreams

Warm up to outdoor living with the latest in outdoor gas firepit designs. Shop Fireplace Warehouse ETC today.