If your hearth currently resembles a dinosaur from the days of yore, welcome it into this century, updating your fireplace with a modern design courtesy of a much-needed makeover. fireplace modern designNo matter your budget or style, there are an array of ways to transform any fireplace from an eyesore into the stellar living room centerpiece you’ve been yearning for…


Give your brick or stone fireplace a fast facelift by applying a whitewash to mute dark stone tones, but still allow natural texture to shine. Is the idea of a white fireplace surrounding your wood burner a little scary? Go gray instead, washing or painting stones with a variety of shades from pale ash to dark, dramatic charcoal.


Handmade tile is beautiful, but can be a budget buster. If you like the look and have a love for arts and crafts (as well as some extra time on your hands), painting plain ceramic tiles gives you the opportunity to create your own one-of-a-kind look and style.

Short on storage?

Add form and function with wall to wall cabinets, surrounding your wood or gas fireplace with custom made shelves along the full length of your fireplace wall to showcase not only your fireplace, but meaningful, eye-catching photos, art and décor, working in pops of bold color.

Feeling rustic?

Floor to ceiling shiplap is all the rage right now – as are other types of rustic wood. Short on time or want the look on-the-cheap? Faux paneling cut from MDF offers an affordable DIY alternative. Extend the look floor to ceiling for the best effect.

Prefer subtlety?

Banish the traditional horizontal scheme, adding flourish to standard brick with a vertical, geometric or herringbone patterns. This is an especially great option for outdoor fireplaces due to brick’s weather-resistant capabilities.

Slow down there, Smoky!

Before installation of any combustible material near or around your fireplace, ensure safe clearance by checking the installation manual of your fireplace or insert, or consulting our installation professionals.

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