Looking for today’s hottest modern fireplace designs? Fireplace Warehouse ETC has an array to choose from, with each fuel source offering its own unique looks and advantages…


Wood Fireplaces

For those who don’t mind a little bit of upkeep, nothing beats the aroma and ambiance of wood. Despite its traditionalist roots, wood burners now come in an array of modern styles.

Pellet Stoves

For a bit less upkeep, you can enjoy a true flame with your choice of green pellet fueling options. Upsize your hopper to reduce refills, purchasing pellet fuel at your local store, or online.

Gas Fireplaces

Convenient and easy to operate, gas options still offer a true flame, albeit with a slightly different ambiance than wood and pellet burning options. With gas fuel, however, upkeep is minimal – no ashes to dispose of, just a bit of cleaning and component maintenance seasonally.


Electric Fireplaces

Electric models are simply and inexpensively installed, hung like a picture or recessed like traditional models, and require very little maintenance save for the occasional dusting.


Don’t let the winter chill sneak up on you. Shop the latest in modern fireplace designs in-store on online with Fireplace Warehouse ETC, or contact us to learn more about installation possibilities today.