Fireplace Ideas For A Modern Home

fireplace ideas

Looking for today’s hottest modern fireplace designs? Fireplace Warehouse ETC has an array to choose from, with each fuel source offering its own unique looks and advantages…


Wood Fireplaces

For those who don’t mind a little bit of upkeep, nothing beats the aroma and ambiance of wood. Despite its traditionalist roots, wood burners now come in an array of modern styles.

Pellet Stoves

For a bit less upkeep, you can enjoy a true flame with your choice of green pellet fueling options. Upsize your hopper to reduce refills, purchasing pellet fuel at your local store, or online.

Gas Fireplaces

Convenient and easy to operate, gas options still offer a true flame, albeit with a slightly different ambiance than wood and pellet burning options. With gas fuel, however, upkeep is minimal – no ashes to dispose of, just a bit of cleaning and component maintenance seasonally.


Electric Fireplaces

Electric models are simply and inexpensively installed, hung like a picture or recessed like traditional models, and require very little maintenance save for the occasional dusting.


Don’t let the winter chill sneak up on you. Shop the latest in modern fireplace designs in-store on online with Fireplace Warehouse ETC, or contact us to learn more about installation possibilities today.

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The Modern Electric Fireplace: Beat Installation Hurdles with Zero Clearance Models


Tight space or missing a hearth? Zero clearance modern electric fireplaces offer a beautiful, versatile option for any room in your home, requiring less installation space and materials than other fireplace model.


From Zero to Hero

A fast and inexpensive way to add functionality, style, and warmth to nearly any space, zero clearance electric fireplaces require no hearth, saving on installation costs. These pre-manufactured fireplaces are designed specifically to contain heat, allowing for installation almost directly against combustible building materials like wood and paneling, and giving them the flexibility to fit into much smaller openings. With a bit of drywall and some minor electrical work, you can tuck one of these balmy beauties into nearly any space in your home, no matter how small, and keep them operating with very little upkeep. No logs, no fuel refills, and no upkeep save for the occasional dusting.

 Zero-Clearance Fireplaces are Available in a Variety of Styles and Sizes:

  • Sophisticated

    An ideal choice for existing fireplaces renovations, alter the flames of this Amanti insert from traditional yellow and orange to blue, purple, rose and violet shades with the click of your remote control button.

  • Show-Stopping

    Mounted on the wall or built-in, this Amanti offers 13 colors of back lighting and a contemporary white glass surround. Unique ‘Ice Media’ of large glass nuggets with clear and blue diamond shaped fire glass make this fireplace a standout hit.
  • Flexible

    This deep electric built-in offers multiple length and depth options, allowing for installation with your choice of finishing material built right to the glass, or complete your design with the included black metal surround. Fire & Ice flame set lets you choose from a variety of colors with the click of your remote.

Thought you were looking at zilch when it came to home heating options? Making room for a zero clearance modern electric fireplace is easier than you think. Shop zero clearance models online, or talk to a Fireplace Warehouse ETC installation professional about adding one of these beautiful and versatile heating options to your home today.

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Linear Wood Fireplaces: Traditional with a Touch of Modern Elegance

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Linear wood fireplace offer all the sights, sounds, and aromas you enjoy in a wood burning fireplace, housed in a sleek, modern linear package. A marriage of technology and elegance, today’s linear models offer contemporary wood burning at it’s finest to provide an unmatched hearthside experience.


Wall to Wall Fire

Providing an enormous viewing space, linear wood burning models offer an ambiance unlike any other. Extraordinarily popular among wood burning enthusiasts, the large, wide dimensions of linear fireplaces allow for the placement bigger logs. Exceedingly fun to load and watch, it’s easy to get carried away, producing a bigger burn than necessary and overheating the room in which your fireplace is located. However all it takes to produce magnificent flames are 3 to 4 small logs approximately 3 inches in diameter for a small fire, and 4 to 5 logs around 5 inches in diameter for larger burns.


Broaden Your Horizons with a Linear Wood Burning Fireplace

  • Large & In-Charge: Napoleon High Country NZ700

    The massive firebox of the Napoleon High Country can hold up to 50 pounds of wood within its clean, European-inspired design. EPA-qualified construction offers amazing aerodynamics perfect for fast startups, while preventing smoke from entering your living space. Zero Gravity glass and screen doors operate independently and allow for easy cleaning, and powerful air wash system keeps glass squeaky clean. 
  • Smart & Fast: Town & Country TCW120

    The EPA-qualified Town & Country TCW120 is quick lighting, long burning, and customizable. Dress the sleek 48 inch lines of this fireplace in an optional Italian Piazzetta surround and truly indulge in the sights while basking in its high-efficiency warmth. Boost air system ensures easy lighting every time, and clean glass AirWash Tech keeps the stellar view unencumbered.


Love the roaring sound of aroma of a real fire, but yearn for a more modern fireplace form? Creating a beautiful pairing of the traditional and modern, linear wood fireplaces are an ideal solution. Interested in adding a linear wood-burning model to your home? Contact our installation professionals to discuss placement and sizing, or visit Fireplace Warehouse ETC in-store or online today.




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Wood Burners: Fun with Firewood

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Does the ‘peace’ of the winter season have you sitting around with a little too much free time on your hands? Are you the artistic sort? Do you simply need something fun to do with the kids that will stimulate your mind as well? While stacking up your wood burner for the coming winter season, add a little ‘flair’ to your yard, amuse yourselves and the neighbors by having a little fun with your firewood…

Make Like a Tree

And leave the boring log piles to the neighbors. Create a fun design with those fireplace logs this year, much like you did your fall pumpkins, taking a picture with your family to commemorate the fun.


Stairway to Heavenly Warmth

Create twists, turns, and depth with an interesting spiral, and have fun over dinner arguing about which end will get tossed into the flames first.

Take the Show on the Road

Browsing the yard and garage for interesting items to add to your design.

Indulge the Child in You

Looking to a favorite story for inspiration.


Get the Little Ones More Involved

With a more easily constructed, mural-style log wall and paint on a fun theme with kid-friendly, non-flammable acrylic or tempura paints.

Create Your Own Kingdom

And stock up on winter logs before the season gets going. (Has anyone seen a smurf?)

  WHOO’s Cold?

You will be if you don’t start packing some fuel away for your fireplace or wood stove this winter season.
This detailed log stacking project must have taken some time to put together, but produced an amazing result, including clearly-defined facial features, and a moon that nearly glows!

Don’t Wish You Sorted Out Your Winter Heating Needs Sooner

Shop the latest in wood burners and accessories, or schedule your annual maintenance with Fireplace Warehouse ETC today.


3-Sided Fireplaces – Popularity Continues to Grow

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3-Sided Fireplaces

Looking for a fireplace that does triple-duty? 3-sided fireplaces skirt the limitations of traditional fireplace design, allowing for the addition of a stunning focal point and added warmth in many areas of the home.

Multiple Sides, Multiple Advantages

Divide a room, add warmth to modern interior design, blur indoor-outdoor boundaries, or simply warm up with the addition of a multi-sided fireplace model, enjoying the advantages of…

  • More Even Heat Dissipation

    Today’s 3-sided models are no longer limited to outside wall installations, unlike their traditional predecessors. With a variety of venting options, models can be installed nearly anywhere, particularly in-between rooms, so heat can be more evenly dissipated between two or more areas.

  • Design Flexibility

    From wood burners to quick-starting, low-maintenance gas fireplaces with pebbles, glass, or traditional log inserts, there is an array of multi-sided fireplace options to meet your needs.

  • Added Home Appeal & Value

    Nothing says ‘welcome home’ like the warmth of a fireplace. Loved by homeowners, real estate experts concur residences with fireplaces are far more attractive and valuable to buyers than those heated by more everyday means.

Warm-Up to a Multi-Sided Model in Your Home

  • Wall Sized: Napoleon Ascent Multi-View BHD4

    With a very large firebox functioning almost like a window, the gas-powered Ascent offers a massive 2,023 sq. in. viewing area, with multiple media kids and decorative options to match any room in your home.

  • Panoramic:

    Flare Room Definer
    Available in sizes ranging from 25 to 100 inches long, this gas fireplace beauty also includes multiple media options, as well as a ‘cold wall’ above, perfect for mounting your TV.

  • Pint Sized: Astria Eros

    With the smallest footprint in the industry, the compact design of the Eros can fit into any room of your home without taking up additional floor space, while still offering the largest available viewing area for its size.

  • Exterior/Interior: Flare Double-Corner

    Available in 8 different sizes and 28 different designs, the Flare Double-Corner offers both indoor and outdoor options, opening up an array of possibilities for your outdoor living space.

Design Details

When adding a 3-sided burner as a floor-to-ceiling partial divide, ensure correct support to avoid the weight of your home from becoming a burden on your fireplace addition. Additionally, decorating with a consistent theme on all sides better allows your fireplace to shine.


Ready to look on the brighter side of things? Shop 3-sided fireplaces in-store or online from Fireplace Warehouse ETC today, your one-stop shop for fireplace selection, installation and service.


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Shop-Buy-Install-Maintain: Your One-Stop Shop for Fireplaces!

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Tired of running around? Modern life is busy and complicated – but adding a fireplace to your home doesn’t have to be! At Fireplace Warehouse ETC, we offer comprehensive sales and support for all of your home heating needs, from purchase through installation and lifetime maintenance.

Kick Some Tires

Shop our wide range of temperature control solutions from the world’s top manufacturers including Napoleon, Regency, Majestic and more. Available in both traditional and contemporary styles, we offer an array of heating solutions for your home and lifestyle…

  • Fireplaces in gas, electric, and traditional wood burning
  • Fireplace inserts in an assortment of styles, including gas, electric, and wood.
  • Stoves that are wood, gas, or pellet compatible.
  • Outdoor heating solutions including gas fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and indoor/outdoor models.

 Take Advantage of Rebates & Incentives

While shopping, learn more about incentives including in-store specials, manufacturer rebates, federal energy efficiency tax credits, and state and local rebates, such as last season’s American Lung Association of Colorado (ALAC) voucher program for helping area residents retire old, smoke belching appliances from use.


Make Life Easier

Forget impossible internet searches for an available, quality contractor. After you find your perfect home heating solution, schedule your installation before you go, taking advantage of our trusted BBB-rated service. From wall-mount electric fireplace additions to indoor-outdoor fireplace installations, no job is too big – or too small.


 Keep it Together

With our wide range of fireplace maintenance and repair services, ensuring optimal operation through…

  • System diagnostics check
  • Gas & CO leak testing
  • Vent/ignition check-ups
  • Combustion ratio settings
  • Altitude adjustments
  • Appropriate log placement
  • Professional cleaning from flues to stained glass
  • Verification of proper operation

Get Your Money’s Worth

Handle warranty issues online or in-store, or buy parts for smaller, DIY jobs direct from our store.

 What are You Waiting For?

Ensuring a warm, comfortable fall and winter season has never been easier. From sourcing your favorite model to installation and service, take advantage of the turn-key services of Fireplace Warehouse ETC today.


The Value of Adding a Fireplace

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 What Does a Fireplace Return on Investment?

For centuries, fireplaces have served as the centerpiece of homes. Today, the crackling flames and homey ambiance of a fire are more than just a nicety. Fun and functional, there are an array of reasons modern fireplaces are on the must-have list of today’s homebuyers, fueling the growing prevalence of both indoor and outdoor models.


A Fireplace Adds More than Warmth

  •  Style & Atmosphere

    Today’s wide variety of styles and designs offers amazing options for adding flair to any home style, allowing you to create a warm, inviting environment to enjoy for years to come. What’s more, available flexible installation options allow for fireplace additions nearly anywhere in the home, including bedrooms, kitchens, halls and even baths.

  • Property Value

    Property experts agree a fireplace dramatically increases the value and appeal of your home. 2013 National Association of Realtor (NAR) research revealed “fireplaces have a strong, positive effect on selling price with each fireplace adding about 12 percent.” 2015 studies further indicated fireplaces as the #1 feature most often mentioned in home listings, with over 60% of buyers revealing they’re on the lookout for a fireplace when purchasing a home.

  • Comfort & Efficiency

    Though each option has different efficiency level and environmental impact, whether you add an electric, wood, gas, or pellet burning fireplace model, energy saving are imminent. In fact, when used as part of a zoned heating approach, fireplaces can help you save up to 40% on home heating.


Looking to Add a Little More to Your Home?

Add fantastic function and flair to your home at a fantastic price. Check out our discount page for news on the latest deals, taking advantage of off-season purchasing benefits, including our fast, convenient installation services, before the busy winter heating season sets in. Add warmth and value to your home – for your family – and those that come after. Shop Fireplace Warehouse ETC today.


5 Reasons an Electric Fireplace Might Be the Right Choice for You

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electric fireplace

Wish you could enjoy the warm glow of a fire without all the work that went with it? You can! Cool to the touch and a snap to install and operate, today’s electric fireplaces offer designs you’ve never before dreamed possible, making an ideal home comfort solution for busy families, especially those with children and pets.

Is an Electric Fireplace the Right for My Home?

  1. Efficiency

    Electric options such as the vibrant and colorful Napoleon Allure are one of the most efficient ways to heat a room. With no heat loss via chimney or venting, rooms heat quickly and stay warm. Used with a zoned-heating approach, you could save up to 10% on energy bills. In addition, new LED technology offers realistic flames at a fraction of the cost of regular incandescent bulb models, keeping more energy dollars in your pocket.

  2. Minimal Installation Cost & Hassle

    Electric models are easy to install, particularly wall-mount varieties such as the modern Napoleon Azure Vertical or ultra-realistic Dimplex-Redway. With no need for venting, they can be installed in any room, on any level, in any living space from apartments to RVs.

  3. Convenient Operation

    Flick your remote or set the thermostat, enjoying convenient fireplace operation comfortably from your couch. Set the time from minutes to hours, opt for a model with built-in temperature monitoring, or operate on-the-fly. Enjoy the ambiance of a gently-rolling fire with the traditionally-inspired Napoleon Ascent, all year long, with or without the heat.

  4. Safety and Warmth

    For those who don’t enjoy the smoky aroma of a natural fire, but do appreciate the look and feel of one, electric models are an ideal solution, especially for those with respiratory conditions, allergies and asthma. They are also a terrific fit for children and pets, reducing the risk of injuries and burns courtesy of a cool exterior.

  5.  Low-Maintenance

    Fireplaces that operate on electricity require little in the way of maintenance save for the occasional dusting. Go electric, and you can leave lighting dilemmas, soot, ash, chopping, buying, and storing wood to the wayside. Not susceptible to rust or corrosion, electric options will last years looking as new as the day of purchase.


At Fireplace Warehouse ETC, we make the addition of a fireplace a snap. We don’t just sell an amazing variety of fireplaces, we install and service them too! For the quick, convenient installation of any electric model, contact us today.

Gas Heating Appliances: Should I Turn the Pilot Light Off?

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gas heating appliances

It’s Summer: Should I Turn Off the Pilot Light of My Gas Heating Appliance?

Unsure how to best handle your gas heating appliance in the warmer months? As it turns out, the solution to whether or not you should turn off your pilot light off-season is not a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.  The decision to turn off your pilot light should instead center around your goals, frequency of off-season use, and capacity to re-light the pilot when cool weather sets back in.

 Reasons You May Want to Leave Your Pilot Light On

  • Quick Access On Cool Evenings

    When nights are cool, you can more quickly and conveniently take the bite out of the air by leaving your pilot light in play.

  • Pest Prevention

    Spiders are drawn to the chemical in gas companies add to give it odor (for safety). Unfortunately, even when the pilot is turned off, this odor remains. While spiders alone may not be a big deal, their nests can be, blocking burners to create difficulties with ignition later. If clogged bad enough, professional maintenance may be necessary, resulting in a service charge.

  • Operator Ignorance

    Let’s face it, we’re not all Tim the Tool Man. If you’re one of the many who doesn’t know how to relight your pilot, you may want to leave the pilot on. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying the gas company a minimal service fee annually for a re-light.

Reasons You May Want to Turn Off Your Pilot Light

For those committed to the annual fall maintenance to ensure proper operation – and a spider free environment – you may want to consider turning off your pilot light for a variety of reasons…

  • Energy Savings

    Turning off the pilot light off-season can save a substantial amount of gas – and money. Some 3-4% of fuel costs. Depending on the efficiency of your fireplace, this could add up to around $7-10/month for gas models, and as much as $24/month for propane.

  • Cooling Efficiency

    When your pilot light stays on, it continues to generate heat, albeit a smaller amount than your fireplace. Nonetheless, this is counterproductive to cooling needs, adding to HVAC use and expenses.

  • Glass Door Damage

    The flipside of spiders….. When pilot lights remain on for an extended time without running the main fireplace burner, a white (sulfur) film can develop on the inside of the glass. If not properly cleaned per manufacturer instructions, it could cause etching.

Do I Even Have a Pilot Light?

Unsure if you have a pilot light? Some newer fireplace models, such as the Napoleon Galaxy and the Regency Horizon, use an electronic ignition in favor of a pilot light for energy savings. If you don’t see the word ‘pilot’ on the control knob, you may not have a pilot light to turn off.

Have You Completed Annual Fireplace Maintenance?

Fall weather is closer than you think! Luckily, whether you need help replacing, installing, or maintaining your fireplace, Fireplace Warehouse ETC has you covered. Learn more about our convenient and affordable fireplace maintenance services today.




Is a Pellet Stove the Right Choice for You?

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Pellet Stoves

Considering a pellet stove as a heating option? Available in many sizes, shapes, and colors, with a nearly endless variety of inserts, modern pellet appliances are a terrific fit for the busy lifestyle of today’s families.


Flexible Fire

Compatible with multiple renewable alternative fuels ranging from wood to corn, wheat, barley and even cherry pits, today’s pellet burners can now be fueled with bags conveniently available at your area home improvement, outdoor supply, or big box retailer. No hearth required, they can be quickly and inexpensively installed atop a hearth pad and simply vented via an exterior wall, offering amazing installation flexibility in nearly any room of the home. Many manufacturers even offer a battery backup for the event of power outage.


Quickly and Affordably Installed Before the Height of Heating Season

A clean burning heat source producing far less smoke and ash than wood burning options, many pellet models qualify for federal tax credits of up to $300. In fact, most of today’s pellet appliances already meet the EPA’s 2020 standards for wood burning heaters. Better still, they can pay for themselves over time, reducing your energy needs as part of a zoned-heating strategy.


From the Rustic, to the Modern – Find the Perfect Pellet Heater for Your Home

  • Rustic, Yet Reliable: Enviro-M55

    This cast iron Enviro offers one of the nicest flames available, with amazingly quiet operation for areas up to 2,500 square feet.

  • Modern Marvel: Enviro-P4

    The clean lines of this sleek, European-inspired model, offered in red, black or modern grey,
    can heat up to 2,000 square feet with its large-capacity, 80-lb hopper.
  • Budget-Friendly Performance: Timberwolf Economizer

    This workhorse is efficient and affordably priced, providing a maximum of 30 hours of burn time and heating up to 2,000 square feet with its 45-lb hopper. Certified for up to a 50/50 mix of pellets and corn, add the 160-lb hopper extension for further ease-of-use.

Your One-Stop Shop

Cozy up to a warm fire this winter. Contact Fireplace Warehouse ETC today to learn more about rebate-ready models – and to learn more about our convenient installation services. At Fireplace Warehouse, we don’t just sell fireplaces – we install and service our entire line of quality equipment. Learn more today.