4 burner gas grillWill that 4 burner gas grill you’ve been coveting be enough? Investing in a gas grill often leaves shoppers scratching their heads over amenities, and with America’s ‘go big or go home’ mantra, it can be easy to over-purchase. You need the low-down on burners now to avoid getting burned later by your grill purchase.

4 Burner Grill: Is More, Better?

As it turns out, cooking performance is not solely dictated by the number of burners. It’s more about even heat distribution – circumventing those irksome hot and cold spots.  But that’s not to say there aren’t a few true generalizations when it comes to the number of burners on your chosen gas grill model. As a general rule, burner number and grill size go hand-in-hand, with larger gas grills sporting more burners than their smaller counterparts. You simply need a sufficient number of burners for the size of the grill to ensure even cooking temperatures.

Then Why Get ‘More’ Burners?

As a general rule, added burners earn you a bit more grill diversification, allowing you to cook different items at varying temperatures simultaneously. Sear a steak while simultaneously cooking more delicate vegetables with added burner options – including a side burner, which also offers the flexibility to get marinades or accompaniments going grill-side.

How B-I-G Should You Go?

  • Compact Design: 2-3 Burner Models
    Models with less than 4 burners, such as the small but mighty 2 burner Lynx L27FR-2 and 3 burner Napoleon Triumph 325, are a great choice for tight spaces, small families, or the occasional griller, providing all the functionality of larger models in a condensed, versatile package.
  • Straddling the Fence: 4 Burner Models
    4 burner models such as the Napoleon Legend 485 and immense Lynx L54PSFR-2 provide ample space for grilling, plus a little extra burner flexibility for get-togethers.
  • Massive & Macho: 5+ Burner Grills
    Love grilling, get-togethers, and having the capacity to feed an army of foodies? Larger, five burner gas models like the Napoleon Lex 485 have all the bells and whistles you’re looking for in a luxury grill, with the space you need to wow a crowd.

Ready to heat things up this summer with a new grilling addition? Whether you’re looking for a tight-fitting 2, moderate 4 burner gas grill, or more, Fireplace Warehouse ETC has the selection you need to find a match made in barbecue heaven.