3-Sided Fireplaces

Looking for a fireplace that does triple-duty? 3-sided fireplaces skirt the limitations of traditional fireplace design, allowing for the addition of a stunning focal point and added warmth in many areas of the home.

Multiple Sides, Multiple Advantages

Divide a room, add warmth to modern interior design, blur indoor-outdoor boundaries, or simply warm up with the addition of a multi-sided fireplace model, enjoying the advantages of…

  • More Even Heat Dissipation

    Today’s 3-sided models are no longer limited to outside wall installations, unlike their traditional predecessors. With a variety of venting options, models can be installed nearly anywhere, particularly in-between rooms, so heat can be more evenly dissipated between two or more areas.

  • Design Flexibility

    From wood burners to quick-starting, low-maintenance gas fireplaces with pebbles, glass, or traditional log inserts, there is an array of multi-sided fireplace options to meet your needs.

  • Added Home Appeal & Value

    Nothing says ‘welcome home’ like the warmth of a fireplace. Loved by homeowners, real estate experts concur residences with fireplaces are far more attractive and valuable to buyers than those heated by more everyday means.

Warm-Up to a Multi-Sided Model in Your Home

  • Wall Sized: Napoleon Ascent Multi-View BHD4

    With a very large firebox functioning almost like a window, the gas-powered Ascent offers a massive 2,023 sq. in. viewing area, with multiple media kids and decorative options to match any room in your home.

  • Panoramic:

    Flare Room Definer
    Available in sizes ranging from 25 to 100 inches long, this gas fireplace beauty also includes multiple media options, as well as a ‘cold wall’ above, perfect for mounting your TV.

  • Pint Sized: Astria Eros

    With the smallest footprint in the industry, the compact design of the Eros can fit into any room of your home without taking up additional floor space, while still offering the largest available viewing area for its size.

  • Exterior/Interior: Flare Double-Corner

    Available in 8 different sizes and 28 different designs, the Flare Double-Corner offers both indoor and outdoor options, opening up an array of possibilities for your outdoor living space.

Design Details

When adding a 3-sided burner as a floor-to-ceiling partial divide, ensure correct support to avoid the weight of your home from becoming a burden on your fireplace addition. Additionally, decorating with a consistent theme on all sides better allows your fireplace to shine.


Ready to look on the brighter side of things? Shop 3-sided fireplaces in-store or online from Fireplace Warehouse ETC today, your one-stop shop for fireplace selection, installation and service.


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